TokenWatt strikes again – the growth continues.
After a successful start, investors can be delighted again by hearing more good news. TokenWatt strikes yet another deal. This time we managed to finalize a wind-powered crypto mining undertaking deal which will take place in Romania.

TokenWatt has finalized a deal with OMV Petrom to utilize the surplus of their power supply from the Dorobantu wind park in western Romania. It is highly profitable because winds will blow even if coal burns out. TokenWatt seeks to provide investors with long-term, stable distributions, while preserving the capital value of its portfolio through investment.

Apr-18-2020 05:52:56 AM
TokenWatt strikes deal in Japan.
TokenWatt has reached an agreement with Takashi-Energy with an aim to utilize the excess electrical power which yields from their solar generation plants for mining cryptocurrencies. TokenWatt comes at the right time since this is a time for improvisation. Mining won’t go away for the next 100 years, efficient renewable sources of energy is the only way that cryptocurrency mining will be profitable in the future.
Apr-13-2020 06:23:56 PM
We don’t invent electricity, we return it to investors
Our platform includes progressive IT solutions: prediction of technical problems, business processes and an advanced cybersecurity system. That allows to reach the highest level of reliability and balance of power grid, and to manage resources with maximum efficiency for all members.

One of the most important functions of the TokenWatt platform is organizing energy storage on various types of the grid storage systems. Members of TokenWatt are rewarded for their electric power administration and optimization work according to the economic model of “co-consumption” Thanks to blockchain technology, the project uses a new for the energy industry kind of money, produced on the blockchain-network for electricity payments

We are building a TokenWatt community based on innovative approaches and technologies. All communications between the ecosystem members are fixed in smart contracts, which ensure their rights safer than any legal agreements. First of all, the TokenWatt platform is focused on building a fair and jointly profitable scheme of cooperation between members based on their interests. We don’t invent electricity, we return it to investors.

Apr-10-2020 06:57:23 AM
TokenWatt to set the world of energy ablaze
Out to set the world of energy ablaze, Tokenwatt has entered the market today. It is the perfect combination for investors looking for a safe haven for their investments and the unused energy surplus in the world. Every kilowatt of unused energy will be directed towards the mining of crypto. This provides our investors with a steady and safe hourly or daily income. Together we grow.
Apr-1-2020 08:15:34 AM